Not many people know that it was Ennio Morricone who suggested that there should be no music in the beginning of this Sergio Leone classic.

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  1. Never heard this before but it makes sense. A composer knows about dynamic range and starting with close up atmospheric sounds/design before music make both more powerful and memorable. Any more tales from OUaTitW?

    1. Leone had Morricone compose a score for the film before shooting began! Wild! I recommend this new book. The writer knows everything Leone.

  2. Great. I like these type mini histories and bio’s. Love the Director and film, yet know little of him, only his work. I didn’t pick up it was a book when I first responded. I need to pay more attention. I’ll read slower when I get the book. Thanks

  3. A very simple soundtrack that says so much about time and waiting. Very interesting to know that Morricone suggested a non music scene, time would have been running differently of course. I also show this movie to my students and I never get tired of it…

  4. One of my favourite opening sequences! I show it in class often and also use it as a foley exercise!

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