Though this short documentary about the shooting of Francis Coppola’s “The Conversation” doesn’t address sound directly, I’m hoping it will be an enticement to screen the film for those of you who haven’t. Among many other things, “The Conversation” is a film about listening, and it contains some of Walter Murch’s best work, both as a film editor and a sound designer.  Watching Coppola work with Gene Hackman in this short is a mini master class in directing actors.  The doc was directed and shot by old friend, wonderful filmmaker, and original Zoetrope-r Robert Dalva.

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  1. What a great behind-the-scenes short. It provides so much more of substance than the vast majority of PR Dept-driven shorts today. And… if you let YouTube roll on to the next related video you get, or at least I did, a wonderful piece with composer David Shire talking about his experience scoring “The Conversation” (be sure to watch all the way to the end!)

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