Dear Readers,

I apologize for not having written anything for the blog in a couple of months.  I promise that I will wrap up the “Playback” piece soon, and get a little more active in general, blog-wise.

The last few months I’ve been intensely working on writing feature film scripts, and I’m having some success.  One, a murder mystery, is finished, and has received some really great reviews.  I’m now trying to get it in front of people who might be able to actually shoot it.  Next in line is a superhero movie with the emphasis very much on sound.  The hero is a sixteen year old girl who is a bass player.  Forty pretty good pages so far, sixty or seventy to go, with lots of re-writing, of course.

Best Wishes to You All in these challenging times.


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  1. Amazing Randy! Congratulations! It’d be awesome to watch/listen a film written by you!! Best wishes!

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