A shot of more of the Apocalypse Now crew, courtesy of Andy Moore.  At least thirty five additional people worked in sound editorial, but I think this photograph was taken late in the mix, after many of them were no longer on the project… besides, the mixing room was so small, that many people would never have fit inside it.

Walter Murch on the front right, Mark Berger front middle, and Richard Beggs front left.  I’m the one with glasses, behind Walter.  Andy Moore is next to me.   Can anyone name them all?  Notice how small the mixing console is.  That, believe it or not, was the final mix console.  This was the “dubbing stage” on Pacific Ave. in San Francisco, about 200 feet east of the Sentinel Building, which Francis still owns.  The building this room was in is now lawyers’ offices.


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  1. Cliff Latimer who teaches with me at USC gave me the line up – he’s in the pic.
    David Parker (in shadows)
    Paul Broucek
    Joseph Zappala
    Jay Boekelheide
    Abigail Abbuehl (this is correct spelling)
    Dale Strumpel
    Doug Hemphill
    Cliff Latimer
    Andy Moore
    Randy Thom

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